The Dark Fortress

Deathwing Terminator on patrol by Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

An impressive manifestation of the might of the elite first company roaming an urban battlefield.

Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña is a concept artist at Sony's Santa Monica studio. When it comes to his work, he's a master of both historical and futuristic battlefields with a lot more action and carnage to them.

Nothing quite beats terminator armour for sheer intimidation and Peña has captured its mass and bulk pretty well. Battle-damaged yet delicately engraved — this is an old and revered piece of kit, coloured in a darker bone colour than we are used to seeing — but no less worse for it.

You are right, this is a piece of fanart and does not follow official color schemes. [I] simply tried something looking [more visually] authentic but something more pale could work too!
Jose Daniel Cabrera Peña

Check out the members of an Imperial Guard or PDF squad patrolling down the street behind him, and the detritus of war scattered on the ground. This could be a scene from a contemporary news piece from some dusty war zone, it looks that familiar.

The beard might be an unusual adornment for a Dark Angel — more used to seeing them Space Wolves. But don't let that put you off what is an incredible piece of atmospheric artwork.

See more of Peña's other great work, featuring a lot of impressive historical battle scenes, here


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