The Dark Fortress

Sammael in Speeder by Faolain

As most people prefer to play their Sammy with his jetbike there aren't that many decently put together Speeder versions to showcase.

So here's a good one that's been well put together and really looks that part.

Sammael looks suitably masterful wielding his nicely painted Heavenfall blade, and resplendent in a flowing robe that was created with green stuff.

The real star of the show though is the speeder. It has been adorned with many familiar additions from the Ravenwing upgrade sprue yet stops going too far overbaord into the kitsch. The parchments and opened book have been nicely detailed with fine script, there is also fine script on the tail fins of the speeder. The weaponry looks awesome, twin-linked assault cannons just look so right on 40K vehicles, the red casings adding a splash of colour to set off the blacks.

For me it's the application of the battle damage and wear that brings the model to life. The metallic edging is effectively the strongest highlight here, applied with a sponge with great care not too overdo it. The scratches and marks seem the perfect scale for the model — a hard thing to pull off well.


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