The Dark Fortress

Black Reach Dark Angels by Mars

Company Master Remiel brought to life from a Black Reach Captain with supporting Deathwing squad Leonis. Who said snap-together models wouldn't cut it?

Mars has created a very characterfull DA character from an out of the box model through paint only, with no other DA-specific model items. There are many to note on Remiel — his brilliant 5th Company banner and the cool looking black and white check pattern on his right shoulderpad are the most obvious — the latter very second-edition era. But there are some equally well considered smaller details too, the small painted arrowheads forming the decorative edging his cloak and its lining, and the tiny DA emblem on the the back of his cloak near the bottom edge.

Company Master Brother Remiel ready to assault Black Reach. In all I am pretty happy with him. There were a few areas that could have used a little more, but my deadline and sanity demand that I move on. I was stoked with the way the sword came out. I was trying to keep it as black as possible as I wanted him to have one of the Dark Angel's sacred blades.

Also featured here are his Black Reach Terminators. Who hasn't fleshed out their Deathwing squads with some of theses models bought cheap on ebay? In fact I quite like their relatively static poses as it reminds me of the old DW metal models who were equally wooden in appearence yet seemed to sum the heavyness and bulk of tactical dreadnought armour perfectly. Even with these humble model beginings, with personal heraldry and a sprinkling of DW icons they're now completely at home in their bone armour. And also a very long way from Black Reach!

I guess it proves you don't need a lot of 'stuff' in terms of trinkets and icons to add to your models provided you have plenty of creative ideas and a very steady hand to paint the character in.

You can see more of Mars' work on the Mars' Project Blog.


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