The Dark Fortress

Slaanesh Noise Marines by Tortoise

It's always great when you stumble upon something really creative and out on an edge. And here's such a thing — a few squads of Slaanesh Marines, a vehicle and some Daemonettes — all painted with such skill and attention to detail it just defies belief.

The blends are very smooth and exactly the right colours, in fact everything seems exactly the right colours. Despite the riot of pinks, purples and turquoises it all mixes in very well and with the metallics and the fantastically precise armour decoration, it's all opulence and indulgence.

And it's not just the painting as most models are cleverly yet subtly converted using greenstuff to form the snouts and other armour decoration used on the marines. The whole collection is a real labour of love. So what of the owner, is he a professional painter?

Not a professional painter but I am a lecturer. Heightened perception or lucky guess? My students would also love to give me credit for my patience and articulation but tragically that seems to be something I can only manifest in a non-professional capacity. Oh well, their loss…

Tortoise thinks it's in everyone's capacity to paint and convert models to a good standard once they're shown how. He's figured plenty out over the years and had plenty more explained to him through articles and the such like and is grateful for that so is passing it all on when he can.

So, fall into the enticing embrace of Slaanesh.


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