The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels strikeforce by Angels_Blade

Angels_Blade has produced an extremely eye-catching army full of creative touches and cool conversions.

His output is prodigious — I have had to pick-and-choose items to show here rather than feature them all, and incredibly they gave all been painted over a period of just two or three months! The result is a very characterful Dark Angels army.

The painting style is rugged, probably as a result of the speed of output, but it is no worse for it, as plenty of time has been spent on banners, personal heraldry and vehicle murals all of which have been painted freehand and are excellent. The only thing that stops this collection ascending to greatness is the lack of attention shown on the cleaning mould lines — the bane of all modellers.

The two green-painted Deathwing squad with their bone white shoulder pads are very eye-catching — their gold detailing and lightning claws glinting regally.


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