The Dark Fortress

Eldar Wave Serpent by Scottdsp748

The Falcon and Wave Serpents are beautiful models anyway, but when painted to this standard they just look incredible.

Take a close look at how the highlights have been handled. They sit on the top edges of all the cylindrical-shape body sections just as they should do when a bright light source is placed next to a curved reflective surface. The effect has been very well observed in real life and masterfully transferred to the model in a series of smooth blends over a very short area. It makes a pleasant change to the usual 'glowing edges' look that so many adopt for their highlights.

Maybe the only slight criticism is that the weapon barrels look relatively flat by comparison despite being cylindrical themselves as they lack the same highlight effect of the bodywork. Understandable given the lack of width on which to form the delicate blends called for — besides perhaps the weapons are made of a less reflective material.

I'm not sure how this style would translate to the rounded sections on power armour being as that is so much smaller — but it would work on the large smooth curved surfaces of Tau vehicles for sure.

Just to add, that bright lances are the bane of my life and cause great damage to my Land Raiders and Dreads — it is with gritted teeth that I have included an Eldar vehicle here at all. Joking aside, congratulations to Scottdsp748 for getting the first xeno model into the +ORATORIUM.


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