The Dark Fortress

Belial and Deathwing squad by Lord Shaper

A very dramatic take on Belial and his accompanying Deathwing squad on patrol seeking the enemies of the Imperium… battle-worn old campaigners.

At first glance he could be mistaken for member of the Fallen himself by the way he looks — detailed using chaos bits in the form of lightning claws and that fur-trimmed cape. His squad are rather more conventional looking but no less impressively posed and modeled.

The style is gritty with no smooth transgressions from shadow to highlight. These models were heavily influenced by the painting technique of Ron (his painting tutorial is here), even down to the freehand-applied Deathwing motifs. Lord Shaper has added his own creative touches though — warm golds, truly 'electric' blues, blue glow-effect eye lenses and optics, and very scenic bases. The bases by the way aren't yet finished as a snow effect is to be added.

The very muted colour palette in use is relieved by smaller vibrant colour details to the models' wax seals on oath papers, and greens and golds on the storm shields. The use of greys in a Deathwing context is unusual but works thanks in part to the expanse of black on the bases that ties everything together.

I just like the general dirty and battered look these warriors have, as though they've been on campaign for eons. I'd love to see a Dreadnought or a Land Raider tackled in a similar style. As this army is a work in progress hopefully they'll be more to come.


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