The Dark Fortress

'Azrael' by Andrew King

The current Azrael model is still very characterful but maybe getting a bit long in the tooth in terms of its design? So what to do?

There are many way to make a 'new' Azzy, this one being created using the excellent Master Balthazar from the Dark Vengeance box set. With the simple trick of using a bare head from a Devastator marine (that bears an uncanny resemblance to Azrael), and voila, an updated Azrael.

Although I like the original Azrael model it is now looking a bit dated and doesn’t really fit in with the current look of the Dark Angels Chapter which has become more ornate over the years.
Andrew King

Not usually I fan of brighter green DAs but this just looks great. Sharp highlights, deep shadows and coherent colour scheme to holds everything together. Nothing much else needed to add to this model in terms of DA bling as there is plenty already — it just needs to be picked out and made to look suitably ornate and old. Weapon load out is the same too so nothing to worry over WYSIWYG there — well in terms of his sword anyway — the distinctive combo-plasma is tucked away under his robes.

The pose is perfect as the Chapter's Grand Master I think. Needs a Watcher Helmet Bearer for completeness, but easily sorted from ebay. Very nice double-use of a standard model.


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