The Dark Fortress

'Raziel' by Raziel

Here's a rarity — a privately commissioned sculpted model. In this case Belial or more precisely 'Raziel'.

The model was commissioned as a centre-piece for the entire Deathwing company of the Dark Angels. Raziel approached Scibor Miniatures with a few ideas on both a Company Master 'Raziel' and the Chapter Champion. For the 'Raziel' model (incidentally the name Raziel is the name of the Archangel of Secrets and the Night according to the Old Testament) the concept was for a heavy weapon marine rising to lead the Chapter, and his fondness for the assault cannon. After all, who would argue the point if the boss wants an assault cannon?

Shown below are the original greens sculpted by Scibor as well as a few images of the painted model. In fairness the pictures don't do justice to the sculpt — but nevertheless form a pretty good impression of a remarkable character model.

Of course he isn't Codex-compliant but that kind of isn't the point as he's designed as a visual focal point for a collection and as such needed to be something very special.

Apologies for the images not being very big.


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