The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels strikeforce by the Den of Imagination

A complete cross-section of HQs and units showcased here in this bold collection of models from a professional painting studio based in Europe.

A combination of airbrushing multiple basecoats to build soft graduated highlights on the armour plate, and dipping and layering, have been deployed to produce these models. They feature object source lighting, the illusion of deeply folded robes; dark shadowed areas of colour contrasting with brighter layers and detail colours; and some deftly painted freehand in the form of Chapter insignia and a vehicle mural. The models are clean — just a bit of mud on the tanks — eschewing the grim-dark for a very theatrical, almost cartoony look.

Nicely lit and photographed too it must be said.

The 1st Legion ready for some action! Dark Angels in all their glory. Azrael, Ezekiel, Belial, 20 Tactical guys, 5 Veterans, 5 Terminators, a Drop Pod, a Land Raider, 2 Predators, a Whirlwind, a Nephelim Jetfighter and Ravenwing bikers.
Den of Imagination

I have to say I prefer the look of the infantry and character models — which are fantastic — to that of the tanks. The various painting techniques used on the infantry models work well at that small scale, but don't transfer well to large flat surfaces of vehicles where maybe it starts to look far too artificial through lack of subtlety which is a shame. On the tanks the use of the pure white as a feature colour is for me too stark and too much as it dominates the vehicles. But make up your own mind. Having said that it does add massive impact, as a tabletop collection it looks visually stunning.

Work through the images and pick your favourite unit. Normally I'd gravitate towards the Deathwing. Although they are good, in this instance the basic Tactical squads are punching well above their weight here and their plasma weapons are excellent. Belial is pretty stunning too. Cool banners and great basing just top and tail the whole collection nicely. I presume they have been produced as a commission, if so their owner must be very happy.

More examples of the Den of Imagination's prodigious output can be found here


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