The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Dezartfox

Here's a Deathwing army that is a bit different from the normal.

There's bags of character here and some nice details to boot both modelled and painted. The lighting effects and reflected light lend a really great slant to this lot harmonising them together very well. And given the industrial space hulk inspired basing you can imagine them creeping down grim steel corridors looking for illusive 'stealers to shoot.

The dreadnoughts have to be the pick of the bunch. The style of painting lends itself to the larger size of these models where the individual brushstrokes don't seem so harsh. Somehow the looseness of painting gives them a life and vitality all their own.

That's not to say the other models fall short at all — there's great work on the hand-rendered banners and facial characterisations; the glowing fiercely highlighted claws and power weapons; the gory Apothecary. The stained armour tells us these are not straight off the strike cruiser — these guys are hardened campaigners and mean business...

Quick additions: added an extremely good original techmarine conversion made from a combination of models and a good deal of greeenstuff that through error was missed out of the original batch. Plus three Grey Knight Terminators — all following the same gritty Dezartfox style. The GK are particularly good in their dark grey plate — a refreshing change from the normal silver look.


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