The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels strikeforce by ellis_esquire

An ever increasing and ever dramatic collection of highly animated models very creatively painted.

No soft delicate blends here, just dramatic contrasting highlights and shadows and very intimidating faces, a DA green that verges on black yet highlights to pure white and robes that verge on pure white yet shadow to black. In terms of style it reminds me of the look and feel of the illustrations used on the Horus Heresy covers Descent of Angels and Fallen Angels — a complement indeed.

Black-armoured DA, you got to love them. Too many cool details to pick out, but the Standard bearer is a work of art in his own right — and with not one but two freehand-painted banners! The classic 'Asmodai' model has brought to life once more with a bit of verve and flair (the candle on his base an odd but pleasing detail). The bone white terminator-armoured Interrogator-Chaplain is standout figure by the nature of his contrasting armour colour.

But I think my favourites have to be the Ravenwing bikers — they have to be some of the arrogantly confident bikers I've ever seen — especially the rearing sergeant. They are simply stunning in detail and posing and note how the weapon 'glows' from the meltagun and plasma gun have been handled: both emanating from pure white heat sources. Brilliant. Indeed the more models get added so this source-lighting feature is becoming more of an identifying and unifying theme.

They certainly aren't 'Heavy Metal style are they? They are gritty and expressive. This is an excellent looking collection of models with bags of character and a great source of painting inspiration.

Note on the photography, ellis_esquire's earlier models (some of which are no longer part of his army) were shot against a dark gritty backdrop while the later ones are shot against a more neutral white. Both materials do them justice. Yes everything's a bit gritty and pixely on the darker ones but it's all part of the creative output so that's why they've been left in.


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