The Dark Fortress

Belial by Michael

Now, he must be tactically capable if he's considered good enough by Azrael to lead the First company. But visually what does he look like?

Well here's one answer. Games Workshop please take note, make us a model something like the Belial depicted in this illustration and we'll all be very happy.

It's a truism that 40K gamers and collectors are an incredibly talented lot. And Michael is no exception, as this piece of artwork that popped unexpectedly into my inbox this week testifies. Once I picked myself off the floor, I wanted to know more.

Some background from Michael:

"…it took about a week to paint, the preliminary sketches a couple of months getting right. It's been a hobby project for some time now that I worked on when I found the time, if I had to do it all again I could probably get it finalized in about two weeks, which is probably slow compared to other painters. But I like to take my time and consider what I'm working on."

Additionally this artwork has sparked a short story that is currently being developed and finalised.

The composition's classically imposing (looking slightly upwards towards his face) and situated within the central lighter area, giving the impression that he looks more like an avenging angel that has just landed from on high… very heroic and imposing. Covered in blood too, and surrounded by the wreakage of battle he cuts a magnificant figure, aloof and extremely confident.

It's pointless pointing out all the fantastic DA details and included symbolism — seek them out yourself. I do want to pick out one thing myself and that is the care and thought that has gone into design and content of the typography used for the various lettered elements, something that can make or break the 'believability' of an illustration. I hope this image will serve as great inspiration for both modelling and painting purposes.

Without a shadow of a doubt this is a piece of artwork of the very highest quality, so soak it in.


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