The Dark Fortress

Chaos Terminator Lord by Skizzo

A striking presentation of a Chaos Terminator Lord in all its bloody foulness.

First off the face — the main focus — has been brilliantly rendered in almost pure white with deepest shadows producing an almost mask-like quality resulting in an extremely evil visage, setting the tone for the whole model.

The painting style overall is quite rough, no ultra smooth blends, but it seems to suit the subject superbly well. There are some nice touched in there — the dual-coloured red/black armour, the copper of the armour edging and detailing all using the same contrasting application of light and shadow. The way that the copper items have had verdigris added is what really sets the feel of the character here — this Lord is some ancient malignant force and not to be messed with. The twin lightning claws adds to the menace.

Originally the model was to have a cape which iteself was smeared in blood. Maybe this was a characterisation too far, turning him into some kind of chaos parody. For me he works better without he cape.

Just a note on the photography — I could have spent a bit of time correcting and tweaking but no, the slightly dark images, some with very narrow depths of field, all add to the dramatic manifestation, so apart from cropping I left them as they were.


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