The Dark Fortress

Necron phalanx by Steve Woods

So necron armies are boring? Not all. Necron gamer Steve Woods adds some character into his metal menaces.

Compared with Space marines the traditional Necron mechanical all silver and bright green look can be a bit harsh. Steve has added reds and golds to bring a warmth back to his Necrons – and has used predominantly browns for his basing.

The Destroyer Lord has had Tomb Spiders legs added to bulk him out and make him visually more impressive, this being a common enough conversion. What's not so common is the addition of the swarming Scarabs on his base. These are the kind of details that bring his 'crons to life and can be found scattered throughout his force — whether a bloodied skeleton or a *gulp* ready supply of dead Dark Angels marines adorning bases.

Necrons with a sense of humour? — check out the 'dead Santa Warrior'.


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