The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Raff

Amazing Deathwing terminators by a terminator modeling-fanatic. There are four Belials here with different banners, a Librarian, an Interrogator-Chaplain, a Standard Bearer, an Apothecary and other squad battle brothers.

All the models have a distinctive 'adorned' style with personal heraldry on armour and weaponry. It's the individualism that makes them so visually compelling. They are (I would guess) built as display models rather than as wargame tools and this shows in the design, modeling, painting and basing — the time lavished on these fantastic models must have been enormous. Yet Raff is highly prolific with many terminators of a similar standard representing other Chapters too!

Colourwise they are largely bone white so conform to tradition in that respect. What isn't traditional but works really well is the extensive use of white as an accent colour — seen on shoulder pads, pouldrons and banners. The white forms the background for the green, black and red iconography. These white areas have the effect of making the bone look darker, helped, in part, by heavy battle damage, grime and general staining. It's a very unique approach to Deathwing.

All these models are bespoke builds in one way or another. The Interrogator-Chaplain given a purple toga style robe that combines with the black battle plate and extensive kit-bashing and neat green stuff additions. The Librarian in the traditional blue of his office though much lighter, again with a toga-type robe, a psychic hood conversion and additions to his Terminator armour.

It's hard to pick a model that you might call your best. For me the highlight is the Standard Bearer. Totally covered in totems, icon and feathers it's a masterpiece nothing less.

One must also mention here the superbly executed banners. The designs for Belial's three versions all 'work' as does that of the sergeant, while that of main Company banner and Chapter banner are excellent copies of those from the DA Codex (4th Edition). The reverse to the banners an added detail typifying the thought applied to even often overlooked details — extended in some way to all these models — that sets them apart.

If you like your Deathwing to be highly ornate then you could do little wrong to aspire to the modeling and painting standards of Raff's.


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