The Dark Fortress

DA strikeforce by Wariax

Here's how the Dark Vengeance models can turn out with a bit of creativity and some forethought applied.

When I first saw these models I though the DA green was a bit light for my taste but when seen with the Deathwing and Ravenwing elements it all kind of fits together rather nicely.

The OSL effects on the plasma-weaponed models might look a bit over-the-top — then remember that these models are to be seen on the tabletop from three or four feet away at least — and it's no longer an issue.

In the beginning let's look at the sculpting. I must say that the sculpting is really good. Don't forget that the models are from the starter set so there isn't a lot of parts. Of course there are some defects, just check the head (left part) of a guy with plasma cannon. The best are Terminators, I really love them. Painting them was a great pleasure.

My favourite character is Turmiel the Librarian. His armour colour really does sing. Favoutrite unit is the Deathwing squad. Some real love has been applied there and why not with all their trinkets and accessories it's a unit crying out for that kind of attention isn't it.

Checkout the Deathwing Knights painted in a Successor Chapter's colours (obviously these are not from the DV set). Yellow and purple, not an easy colour scheme to pull off but it works really well. Great basing too. I'd like to see a Dreadnought or a vehicle in this scheme — it would be a real eye-catcher.

More of Wariax's work can be seen on Black Brush Studio.


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