The Dark Fortress

Ravenwing Nephilim Jetfighter by Onei

Perversely what looks like should be one of the easiest colours to paint, black, is actually one of the hardest as anyone who has struggled with blotchy, thick-edged highlighting can attest to.

But this one is smooth, crisp and neutral without looking either too grey as white edge highlighting can often send it, nor too blue, as blue edge highlighting can do. A careful process of masking, aribrushing and and careful retouching was utilised to get this machine-finish look.

And on such a large black model detailing colours are key to stop the whole thing becoming drab. So external sensors, engines, weathering and heraldry all become more important, as does the interior.

So many models with clear cockpit canopies have them painted over to obviate the need to paint the interior at all. A mistake I think. Well-finished interiors are no less important than the exterior and add great interest to the finished item. Ok I know that these models are seen by some as essentially just 'gaming pieces', but you only have to quickly check out the number of brass and resin after-market kits that are available for super-detailing model aircraft interiors to know just how important this aspect of a model can be.

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