The Dark Fortress

Guardians of the Covenant strikeforce by SpaceWaffle

The GotC have always been a popular choice to model as their colour scheme is so dramatic. This Tactical squad and their Rhino and a First Company Knight are a great demonstration of these Successor's visual appeal.

It's the combination dark red robes and bright green chest aqila detail that bring this manifestation of the scheme to life. One of the questions concerning the GotC has always been: "what colour should their vehicles be?". Some opt for a largely silver scheme featuring smaller black and red details (like bike mudguards for example) to match the battle plate, but I've always preferred a predominantly dark red approach, as used here by SpaceWaffle, as it contrasts to the mass of infantry models.

Everything is really nicely detailed — right down to the hand-painted personal and Chapter heraldry used throughout. The deep shadow treatment of the folded robes is just excellent. I particularly like the green eye lenses peering out from within the deep hoods.

You can see more of SpaceWaffle's painting here:


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