The Dark Fortress

Doom Legion by Scythas

These great models caught my eye because they're all about colour and character. Admittedly these aren't Dark Angels, let alone Unforgiven, the fact that they use (mostly) DA colours and just look so good is the reason for their inclusion.

The Doom Legion is a shadowy Astartes Chapter with a very cool and striking colour scheme. They were one of 30 Chapters sent as a punishment on the disasterous Abyssal Crusade into the Eye of Terror, where they eventually became corrupted to become the Chaos Chapter Vectors of Pox — which is a very silly name.

I could see something like these models forming the core of a heresy-era DA force — check out those so cool Forge World Tartarus terminators that make them look like mini Contemptors — or even a current Unforgiven Successor force built around old kit. The models have bags of character.

With the additions of a few bits of red here and there, or bleached bone, and you have a good-looking homebrew DA Successor outfit.

The dark green details of the chest aquilas and shoulder pad edging and other items is beautifully highlighted and the blacks and metallics suitably battle-worn and bashed about. It's great to see this type of war-torn marine force.

After undercoating in black, Scythas uses black to paint all the black parts. He then highlights them with a ready made mixtures of black and Vallejo Game Color Sombre Grey. The first mixture is black with a hint of Sombre Grey and the second highlight is around equal parts of black and Sombe Grey.

The green parts are first painted with GW Orkhide Shade (old Foundation-series paint) followed with Vallejo Game Color Sick Green for the first highlights. After that he washes all the green areas with GW Thraka Green wash. To get more contrast a bit of GW Moot Green is added to the highest parts.

Scythas further explains that as has already been mentioned in Apocalypse expansion book, like Imperial Fists, Doom Legion is a siege chapter. He represent this in gaming terms by allying them with Death Korps of Krieg siege regiment and using the Doom Legion marines as the hard hitting force. What a sight that must be!


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