The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels Land Raider by bevulf

Due to their widespread use as transports for Terminators it has become customary to see these vehicles in bone white. But assuming that Dark Angel Land Raiders and Crusaders look best only when in Deathwing livery? Think again.

This vehicle forms part of the Chapter's armoury and is there for every company to use. Bevulf's take is that Land Raiders are the elite of the support armoury and thus adorned with appropriately inspiring murals to denote that status. After all, they could be used as transport for Azrael himself. By the looks of the livery this one has been assigned to the 3rd Company.

I'm a big fan of bevulf's painting style and his models appear elsewhere on this site too. This Land Raider lives up to his high standards.

With a freehand mural adorning its front left quarter it is something pretty special. A Forge World front hatch and some DA emblems have been utilised but very little else in the way of added bling. It has been weathered with great consideration in a manner appropriate to the vehicles scale — it's been through the mill a bit for sure.

Nice detailing on the crew member in DA green armour with his Mechanicum-red right shoulderpad; the DA Chapter emblem on the top of the driver's cupula hatch and the classic DA red army symbol.


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