The Dark Fortress

Ravenwing standard bearer and escort by Zubr

Anyone wanting a reason to spend the points on a large cinematic billowing Ravenwing standard, look no further.

A brilliant example of freehanding and creativity displayed here by Zubr. Looks like the banner's design has been informed from several sources, old and new, particularly the RW standard bearer from the old Angels of Death codex.

The fine details of the Angel's wings and the feather motif on the obverse is pretty remarkable considering the size of the finished item.

The bannner is only half the story though. The rest of the bikes and riders aren't bad either. Check the chrome and metal NMM effect of the exhausts, the front wheel centres and on the mudguard edgings — a bit over the top maybe but very eye-catchng and technically challenging to get right. Notice the impressive freehand raven motif over the front mudguard of the accompanying rider. The distinctively coloured hazard striping on the chainsword casings are cool too, not seen that done before on anything Dark Angels. The glowing red eye lenses and headlamp details round off the careful smaller paint effect details.

All in all, brilliant Ravenwing bikers, with the star being the banner.

Note: More of Zubr's work can be seen on Cool Mini or Not. I've used his images here without his permission so let's hope he doesn't mind.


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