The Dark Fortress

A Dark Angels strikeforce II by VanSan

Extending VanSan's brilliant Space Hulk-themed Deathwing and Ravenwing strikeforce featured here elsewhere, here are a few more models to feast upon. Envy them.

Very cleanly painted, the whole is inspired by the classic Space Hulk theme (the use of extensive black and yellow warning stripes gives this lot a great archaic 2nd edition feel) reflected in the cleverly put together bases of wrecked and sectioned deck plates.

Notable models include the astonishing Dreadnought with its outrageous riot shield — ideal for battling it's way down the confines of ship's corridors; a very nicely considered Apothecary conversion using a unique approach to this important upgrade; and my own favourites here — the hand-painted banners of the Standard Bearer, Sergeant and Dreadnoughts.

As before a highly creative take on all these models both in their building and painting. This collection is set to grow so more images will be added as they become available.


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