The Dark Fortress

The Dark Angels' Room of Judgment by reich

Here's something unique — a 3D environment built using a game development design engine. The room as such represents the place where the Fallen are interrogated, and contains some nice detailed observations including banners, skull motifs etc.

True to form of game-design — the 'hyper-realism' can leave you dizzy. But nonetheless it is amazing to think that this environment is truly 3D so with the original files you could run around in it as part of a level in the Unreal game — here they are merely 2D views of this environment. Even more amazing to see this translated into a solid form and built as a model diorama.

It's all been painstakingly created and textured — although some images aren't fully complete — forming an imaginative glimpse into the world of 40K through a medium other than traditional illustration or models.

It is located deep on the rock towards where Luther and the other interrogating rooms are located. When a Fallen is located he is brought to this room before they decide his fate. On the podium lies the Book of Salvation, the Fallen's name is written, he is given a chance to repent now and given a quick death, or refusing to repent and suffers torture or any other form of punishment that needs to be meted out.

I owe a debt to reich — his brilliant interpretation of the Dark Angels motif for many years used to feaure as the header image for The Dark Fortress.


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