The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by Wolferine

An excellent example of what can be achieved when care and attention is paid to a small elite army.

This force contains just two squads, Belial, an Interrogator-Chaplain and a Venerable Deadnought beautifully painted in classic bone white. This gallery focusses unashamedly on the individual models as each a work of art.

Each has his own personal heraldry as well as tokens and relics aplenty. All beautifully designed and believable within the bounds of the Deathwing/DarkAngels' icon language. The freehand banner is a beauty — remember this isn't a moulded item.

Of particular note is the armour damage and staining; the sinister 'glowing' eye lenses; the gritty, grizzled look to the faces, all giving this force a real veteran appearance.


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