The Dark Fortress

Deathwing Land Raider Crusader by Elmo9141

This vehicle is part of a larger series of painted models produced by Elmo for a competition on the Bolter & Chainsword. It's always good to see a well produced model like this appear out of the blue.

Crisp, creamy bone armour with the larger areas broken up with DA green, set off by deep red weapon cases for a well balanced colour scheme. Added detailing in the form of Chapterhouse resin doors — complete with fantastically designed 3D murals, bring the model to life in a very character manner.

In fact there are two for the price of one here. Originally the model had a very fresh 'factory' finish. Then Elmo decided to add more wear and tear in the form of heavy wet mud splashed around and on the lower surfaces. It takes a lot of nerve to do something like that on a piece of work that is already of a very high quality.

It's interesting to note the method used for painting the bone:

  • Matt black primer spray
  • Army builder Bone Spray
  • Recesses in Devlin mud (stocked up before the nice people at GW discontinued it)
  • Edge in Skull white

makes it sound simple doesn't?

In one of the images you can see the alternative components comprising closed-hatch cupolas, pintle-mounted storm bolter, magnetised flamestorm cannon sponsons for Redeemer use and including the very nicely painted and detailed Techmarine crew member too.

The Techmarine colour was a difficult decision. I wanted him to have the red power armour to contrast with the Raider while also having something to do with the 1st Company. So the bone shoulder plate was a small move towards implying that he was an active part of the DW. A green-padded Techmarine on a DW LR would have looked more out of place. So in this case art beat fluff. Some will hate it — some will like it, but such is life.

He looks awesome that's all that matters.


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