The Dark Fortress

Deathwing Strikeforce by Drathmere

A pretty smart looking Deathwing force that will eventually form part of a larger collection to include a Ravenwing detachment. The force currently consists of Belial, two terminator squads, a Crusader and a Dreadnought.

The models were painted using a combination of paint and washes, the final formula a product of much experimentation.

Storm Bolter Arm: White undercoat, bleached bone base, followed by a graveyard earth wash carefully placed into the crevices. I then shaded the model with bleached bone up through a 50/50 bone/white color. It does not photograph well, the shading is pretty subtle, and I think battle damage or designs will contrast really well. I think this is my recipe.

The resulting look being very clean, crisp and quite white (although the photography has blasted out some of the subtler toning in the washes I suspect) reminiscent of the 2nd Edition era approach to Deathwing painting. Nothing wrong with that at all.

The red here is an unusual shade. Veering towards the dark pink but working well with the Dark Angels green and metallic colours of the smaller details. It looks particularly good on the Crusader. If anything the darkness of the hue takes away some of the garish "Christmas Tree" look that they sometimes fall foul of. This has also been helped too by not putting the green and red areas in too close a proximity with each other.

This force has grown, and now boasts a Ravenwing and Greenwing contingent. Nice touches on these items includes the wear and tear on vehicles, the dusting of dried earth on the Tac squad and their Rhino and a very nice hand painted squad banner.


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