The Dark Fortress

Nurgle infestation by Sepsis the Unclean

Come on if any army is worthy of conversion to make them look uglier and worse than how the original models started out, then a Nurgle army is the one to do it with.

Sickly green abomination of power armour, glistening pink buboes, pustules and other disgusting exposed innards, rusted and corrupted weaponry — it's all part of the vocabulary here. But that's just the painting, look at what effort has been put into the modelling of this lot: added rot and gunge on vehicles' tracks, puss everywhere, blistered and deformed armour, rusted chains and chainmail, broken, snapped horns etc.

In detail the striated stained armour style works really well — practically made for Nurgle — and great attention to detail has been applied to not overdoing everything so much that it all ends looking a bit of a self-parody. Individual rough paint strokes can be seen here, enhancing the restricted colour palette of light greens, purples, light pinks and oranges by giving it a vitality. All has been carefully planned to allow a great deal of individual model variety without detracting from the unified look to the complete collection.

The items that really stand out are the obliterators where a great deal of greenstuff has been applied to totally change the character of these models — one with a completely repulsive grinning face. And of course Sepsis himself, a masterful Nurgle Lord fit to incite the blight and the complete infestation of any opponent.

In many ways this host looks very much like the work of my 40K modelling/painting hero John Blanche, where the same liberties and scope are taken with the creativity and painting, in this case to pull together a very unique view on what is a Nurgle army, all done with the utmost care though, and never getting side tracked from the original planned concept.

By the way, no excuse for the large images used here. Simply too good to reduce.


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