The Dark Fortress

Sammael by Alxin

Another excellent Sammael model featured here.

What caught my eye on this model is the fact that it looks centuries old. I mean that in a good way of course. Consider that this jetbike we are told, is just one of a handful left and has been lovingly maintained by DA Techmarines for millennia. As such we'd expect it to look a little well-used yes? And this one looks pretty 'Jules Verne' in style.

There is a very limited colour palette in use here, the colour one responsible for making this look ancient is the antique gold effect as used on the raven on the prow and on all Sammael's icons and metallic items, sword hilt etc. Usually this prow raven is rendered in white and greys which lends a cleaner more modern feel to the jetbike. Personally I would have preferred the edging to the prow to have been gold too as the white seems to stand out too much.

Note the dusty parchment of the book spread out on the prow again very nicely aged — and look at the detail on the pages — all neatly toned down with washes to harmonise the effect. Even the blacks used for various power armour and jetbike areas seem dusty and battle-weary. And the exhausts and burners at the rear all look suitably heat-residued as inevitably they would be.

All in all a great presentation of an often seen model, but with a creative edge that makes it stand out from the normal. It's all great character, perfectly fitting for the fighting Master of the Ravenwing.


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