The Dark Fortress

Deathwing strikeforce by rpedro

Quite simply, jaw-dropping Deathwing.

Comprising three HQ characters, a Terminator Command squad and four Terminator squads, the models are from a variety of sources including the Dark Vengeance 40K starter set. As a showcase for inspiring people to collect and play the DW then this is perfect.

The standard of painting is breathtaking. The robes are beautifully rendered from a bright greens to the deepest shadow — it really does look like folded material. Eye and light lenses glow eerily imparting a bit of extra drama. Belial, Librarian Turmiel and Interrogator-Chaplain Seraphicus are exemplars of what these models can become when expertly painted — bringing out their characters making them real tabletop centrepieces. All models have battle damage subtly manifested and the bases perfectly enhance the models.

Impressively all weapon upgrades, the Company Standard and many individual Terminator arms are magnetised for added list-building flexibility. A great way to future-proof against the vagaries of Codex and 40K main rules changes.


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