The Dark Fortress

Mechanised Deathwing Knights by Michalek

I'm making no excuses here for featuring yet more stunning Deathwing Knights. But also an equally stunning Redeemer that could actually be showcased on its own.

Knights have realy caught people's imagination both as models to collect/paint and as a unit on the tabletop. And why not? Michalek has created a unit beautifully put together and painted and full of character. Choosing a whitish stone base for the armour plate, a neat route away from the custardy look Games Workshop themselves prefer. I love all the iconography picked out in gold as (I assume) this sets his Knights as a unit from 'normal' Deathwing squads. Great treatment of the robes/hoods too and (subtle) wear and tear has been added. And, everything is beautifully based.

Now for me onto the main item: their transport and that's not to downplay the Knights of course. Tactically the flamestorm cannons are a perfect close range support tool for Deathwing infantry squads especially against enemy units using buildings for cover.

Vehicles in Deathwing colours always look stunning. It's something about the mass of the vehicle and the lightness of the colour I think. Michalek used a similar technique for the armour colour on both the Knights and the vehicle. He works up from an airbrushed grey primer base, then adds VA Medium Brown to the recesses. Next a mix of VA Arena Sand and Bleached Bone is airbrushed on. A coat of matt varnish is then applied on in preparation for washing with a watered down mix of Gryphon Sepia and Bleached Bone. The larger green areas were masked and sprayed using VA Camo Green.

The dark red and green panel and weapon detailing work well, neither being overpowering. Just enough DA iconography has been added for character but again not in such a quantity that it turns the model into a gaudy Versace handbag. As on the Knight models the application of campaign wear and tear is nicely subtle and prefectly scaled to the model. This was achieved by a sponging scorched brown andn adding black and white highlights on exposed edges with a metal highlight for deeper damage. And for real fine detail: check the commander's targeting screen readout. Note too that the flamestorm cannons can be removed and swapped for hurricane bolters to enable this beast to become a Crusader.

All in all nothing to dislike at all. It's all set to roll out bathe the Fallen in promethium goodness. See more of Michalek's painting including the specific techniques used on these models here:


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