The Dark Fortress

Nurgle 'Ezekiel' by Gresiloth

So it might be heretical from an Unforgiven point of view, but take a look at this cheeky Ezekiel conversion to a follower of Papa Nurgle produced by Gresiloth.

The donor model was a semi-painted Ebay purchase. From that point it was stripped, extensive greenstuff buboes and Nurgle iconography was added, various Chaos items pressed into service and detailing and height added to the base.

But the paint scheme sets this to life. Classic Nurgle subdued browns and green washes with a sickly whitish/blue face skintone to act as a complete contrast. A clean bit of hand-painting on the banner and that's it. A imaginative and very characterful revamp of what is now an ageing (but still good-looking) model.

This Ezekiel would make a great Fallen model for any Chaos or Unforgiven collection.


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