The Dark Fortress

DA 3rd Company strikeforce by Stobz

You might have seen stobz's cool Belial conversion and his painted Deathwing squad elsewhere on this site. This power-armoured 3rd Company mechanised strikeforce supported by Dreadnoughts and Whirlwinds builds on that same level of excellence.

This mechanised Dark Angel 3rd Company strikeforce comprises Company Master Ramiel, his Command squad, accompanied by an extremely cool jump-packed Chaplain named Isiah (yes really), three Dreadnoughts and a Techmarine, Veteran squad, three Tactical squads, an Assault squad, Devastator squad and a Whirlwind Suppression force with Ravenwing Speeder as their spotter. A good looking pure 'Greenwing' force.

Mechanised squads have their own Razorback or Rhino transport and are kitted with weapons to fulfil specific battlefield roles. As much consideration as been given to the tactical aspects of this force as to how they appear — so potentially Dark Angels that could perform as well as they look which is outstanding.

One can pick out details: freehand iconography, the great treatment of the robes, the 'heat' of the melta weapons, the glow of plasma cooling coils, the depth of colour evident in the battle plate, but really it's the whole thing that is the most impressive. The fact that so much has been produced with such levels of detail, quality and attention to both paint and modelling is the real mark of skill here.


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