The Dark Fortress

Company Master Helbron by bevulf

Thanks to Imperial Armour V The Siege of Vraks (2009), we knew the Dark Angels had a Company Master named 'Helbron'. Here's bevulf's model of him.

As is befitting a warrior of such valour and status bevulf has lavished a great deal of modelling and painting time on him.

The power armour is beautifully shaded not only from shadow to highlight, but in vertical plane too — that's a hard one to pull off — it's not a true source-lighting effect in this manifestation but still it renders an impressively realistic 3D impression.

It's the skillfully applied details like the Company and Chapter iconography on the banner, shoulderpads, kneepads and decorative loincloth that caught my eye as these are the creative elements that add personality, the banner being especially noteworthy. Even the oath papers are meticulously designed and painted.

All this and he's superbly based too. He's a heroic figure to head up any army.


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