The Dark Fortress

Ravenwing strikeforce by James Karch

Sammael riding out with some classy looking Ravenwing to hunt some Fallen.

This is as excellent a standard of RW as you can get. The classic red weapon casings sit well with the blacks — which in itself can be overpowering, but here is broken up by the use of the white wings on the fairings and feathers on the banner poles, and by the use of applied iconography on the speeders. That Ravenwing upgrade sprue really has some gems on it. The critical highlight edging on armour and vehicles has been subtley handled and is in no way overpowering.

On specific details — all weapon barrels have been drilled adding a professional touch; the eye lenses are very well done (important as on black-armoured marines they form an immediate focal point); and the ice blue of the plasma weapons is particularly striking.

Favourites here: the robed sergeants which look stunning; the Apothecary who has been very subtly converted, and with just his white helmet is enough to show the mark of his office; and the standard bearer with his freehand banner — brilliant. Not forgetting Sammael who is good enough to feature as a standalone gallery model in his own right.


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