The Dark Fortress

Deathwing Knights by Komodo

Very crisp unit of characterful Knights here with plenty of attention to detail.

Komodo uses an airbrush to speed up the whole painting process, oh and cheap vodka! For the armour he uses the following technique:

  1. Spray Bestial Brown all over
  2. Spray 1:1 Mix of Bestial Brown and Bleached Bone
  3. Spray Bleached Bone
  4. Spray Skull White
  5. Cheap hair spray.

(The above uses the GW old paint names. Use their newer equivalants.)

Following the spraying comes a black/brown sepia wash (this is black with a bit of Bestial and a bit of Vermin Brown, then simply add some cheap vodka), it creates a very nice wash and all weapons and armour are treated with in this homemade wash. Models are then washed again with a black wash just in the recesses and cavities to add a bit of depth. Cautiously remove any excess dried wash with white spirit — that's why the hair spray was used earlier in the process — to protect precious coats of paint from rubbing off. Finally highlight with Skull White applied by a normal detail brush.

This yields great results as you can see. I like the bright green, works well on the robe and cowl details when their isn't a lot of it, stopping the Knights becoming too drab, while affording the use of very dark contrasting shadows to add relief.

Check out the cool Watcher weapon-bearer too.


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