The Dark Fortress

A successor Deathwing strikeforce by Littlebitz

A growing and impressive looking successor Deathwing army, led by Captain Vindicis (Belial) Master of the First Company of the Angels of Vindication.

Some of these models are heavily converted, the aim being to capture the "warrior monk" look with them. In this (the original squad) every terminator has had some creative work, in the form of a unique weapon or the inclusion of a Black Templar tabard to give extra character.

And not only excellent attention to the modeling — but an equally impressive feat of painting too. Nice and gritty with a strong colour scheme from a small palette of colours that achieves a unified look across the divergent models. A feature being a really strong contrast between light and dark that adds to their dramatic value. The painting is designed for high visual tabletop impact, the models as a mass more than equal to the individuals that compose it. Nevertheless there are some brilliant details in here — both modeled and painted.

Although not painted to everyone's tastes perhaps, as a creative approach to themed army building it's hard to fault.


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