The Dark Fortress

Dark Angels successor Sons of the Morning Star strikeforce by Wappel

Beautifully painted Dark Angels successor chapter using a unique colour scheme as well as displaying some amazing shading techniques.

This successor outfit, the Sons of the Morning star, look stunning. Even if you don't like the colour scheme just appreciate the levels of both creativity and technical ability that are just breathtaking. From the Master down we get OSL from the plasma weapons and remarkably smooth dark to light transitions. A technique well beyond my painting ability that's for sure. Many of the models were the clip together ones from the Dark Vengence starter set.

It's a striking demonstration of what can be achieved with a very carefully considered limited pool of colours, the ice-blue power weapon is the only thing that really strays. Individually the models are award-winning (to my eyes), collectively they are something spectacular. And everything is beautifully based as you can see from the last image. If they were mine I'd be too scared to do anything other than look at them!

I'd love to see how Wappel would tackle vehicles and walkers in the same style.

See more of Wappel's painting here:


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