The Dark Fortress

Shadow Legion strikeforce by Dezmord

Always great to see well produced Dark Angels' successor Chapters. Here are a few models straight from the Dark Vengeance starter set representing the Shadow Legion.

For me this is what DA successors should look like. Dark. With some Dark Angels green to tie them to the mother Chapter.

Really nicely painted making best use of a purposely limited colour palette. Bright sparkles of colour on plasma cooling coils and robes bring them all to life. Robes are particularly well handled, and everything is carefully edge-highlighted, adding colour to very dark blues and greens. Turmiel looks coolly epic — the purple robe lining a great contrast to his blue armour plate.

Using purple was quite a hard decision — I was entirely unsure which colour to use and I ended up with purple as the only colour that wouldn't look completely out of place. But it even showed through Foundation Paints and it took three carefully applied layers to get even the base-colour done.

I'd love to see how Dezmord would extend this theme across vehicles, bikes and Dreads, and on to banners. But in the meantime… enjoy.


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