The Dark Fortress

Command Briefing 2013

Deathwing strikeforce by rpedro

Added 16 December 2013 to ORATORIUM

Quite simply, jaw-dropping Deathwing.

Poll: Unforgiven army builds in 6th Edition

Added 13 December 2013 to TECH REPORTS

This poll is intended as a quick snapshot of how Unforgiven gamers are building their armies using the 6th Edition Codex Dark Angels. So go vote!

'Azrael' by Andrew King

Added 1 December 2013 to ORATORIUM

The current Azrael model is still very characterful but maybe getting a bit long in the tooth in terms of its design? So what to do?

Deathwing strikeforce by elphilo

Added 27 November 2013 to ORATORIUM

Originally produced for the Bolter & Chainsword's Dark Angels forum 'Path to Redemption' project, elphilo's force demonstrates a way to get good looking Deathwing units onto the gaming table without slaving too long over the painting.

Deathwing strikeforce by Dezartfox

Added 18 November 2013 to ORATORIUM

If ever a lesson was needed in how a charcterful Deathwing army should look, then this is it. I'm a big fan of Dezartfox's work and this is looking just about perfect.

The next big thing…

Added 30 October 2013 to HQ

Sometimes things just happen for a reason and usually for the better in the long run. Coming back from the wilderness.

Forgive me for I have sinned…

Indeed. After taking a bit of a break away from all things 40K, here are an updates to get things rolling again.

Asmodai, seeker of the Fallen

Added 29 October 2013 to TACTICA REPORTS

An intriguing Tactica by Kruno, this one looking at the Master of Repentance: Asmodai.

Deathwing Knights by Komodo

Added 25 July 2013 to the ORATORIUM

To look this good Komodo's Knights get a diet of hair spray and vodka. A very crisp unit of characterful models here with plenty of attention to detail.

RW Darkshroud by Vadskaer

Added 23 July 2013 to the ORATORIUM

The Darkshroud model to be honest isn't a favourite of mine — but Vadskaer has put one together and made it look like something worth having.

Ezekiel the Hidden Hand

Added 23 June 2013 to TACTICA REPORTS

Another extensive Tactica by Kruno, this one looking at our best psyker: Ezekiel. Includes a comprehensive look at psychic powers.

Azrael rises again!

Added 21 May 2013 to TACTICA REPORTS

40K gamer Kruno looks at what has given our Supreme Grand Master has a new lease of life in 6th Edition, and how to get the best out of him.

The Dark Fortress is 10 years old this month!

Added 8 May 2013 to HQ

Renewing my domain name I suddenly realised…

Review: DA 2013 6th Edition V1.1A FAQ

Added 7 May 2013 to TECH REPORTS

Many rules items have been covered by a previous faq. The one still causing the most angst was: "do Deathwing squads count towards the limit of units allowed in reserve?" (of course they do) as this had a significant bearing on how many squads you could actually Deathwing Assault, has now been sorted out. But not good news for some.

Strategium Forum (beta) launched

Added 23 April 2013

Look at the new button on the top right of the main line of navigaion buttons, you'll see a new one '+Strategium'. This is a new section featuring a radically different discussion platform by MOOT, embedded here and linking directly to their server. It works on all modern desktop, tablet and mobile browsers, starting from IE8, so if it doesn't work for you then a browser upgrade is required. It is provided in beta form and its use here is experimental. If it works it'll stay, if not it'll go, simple as that.

There are some issues with the way it looks — I'll fix those soon but as I love experimenting I wanted to get this up and running warts and all.

So get in there and try it out.

Dark Angels visualised by Lord Dubu

Added 23 April 2013 to the ORATORIUM

A couple of really nice imaginative characters from the world of 40K made real through the pen.

Dark Angels strikeforce by Wariax

Added 22 April 2013 to the ORATORIUM

Here's how the Dark Vengeance models can turn out with a bit of creativity and some forethought applied… and some Deathwing Knights for good measure.

Poll: 6th Edition DA Codex best new unit

Added 6 April 2013 to TECH REPORTS

With the Dark Angels Codex being used in anger for a few months now I thought it might be useful to see what tickled your fancy. Go on, vote.

Utility HQs: the Librarian and Techmarine

Added 4 March 2013 to TECH REPORTS

Guest writer Kruno takes a look at two of the DAs HQ options with a view to using them individually or both as a force-multiplying tag team.

The Dark Fortress Chronicle II

Added 23 January 2013 to HQ

The recent release of the new 6th Edition Codex Dark Angels has thrown a bit of a spanner in the works regarding planned article updates.

The Dark Vengeance Army List using 6th Edition Codex DA

Added 20 January 2013 to TECH REPORTS

Let's see how the Dark Vengeance DA army shapes up using the 6th Edition Dark Angels Codex. A simple exercise in points and rules.

A review of the DA Official Update for 6th Edition version 1.0A

Added 19 January 2013 to TECH REPORTS

The 6th Edition Codex was barely 5 days old and an FAQ is released by Games Workshop. I think GW needs to pay a bit more attention to its editing abilities.


Added 8 January 2013

Apologies for pictures and images not displaying on this site earlier today. This was due to security code preventing The Dark Fortress from loading its own jpg images from the server. The issue has now been resolved.

A first look at 6th Edition Dark Angels

Added 5 January 2013 to TECH REPORTS

Some initial impressions gleaned from picking through the details of January's White Dwarf and from GW's site on the 'new era' Dark Angels.

6th DA Codex countdown

Added 2 January 2013 to TECH REPORTS

Time is ticking away to the 12th and like many others I'm getting very excited! And a minimalist GW trailer plus a smattering of confirmed rules from Jan's White Dwarf batrep.