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Command Briefing 2012

Out with the old, in with the new

Added to the TECH REPORTS [24/Dec/2012]

The headline sums up where we are quite nicely. After nearly five years (is it really that long?) of 'Jervis Angels' I can't say how excited I am to be on the cusp of yet another era for the Unforgiven.

Pics of new Dark Angels' models in Jan 2013's White Dwarf

Added to the TECH REPORTS [20/Dec/2012]

Thanks to ZombieDK on DakkaDakka for posting photos of the new upcoming DA models and characters.

Assault cannon or cyclone anti-tank for Terminators

Added to the TECH REPORTS [29/Nov/2012]

With 6th Edition 40K upon us, my initial thought was "Power weapons are AP3?" quickly followed by "Terminators are going to be stupid good!". The next question then becomes how to arm them for anti-tank work now that they have been restored to their proper place as lords of the 40K battlefield.

Experimental Deathwing with Grey Knight allies

Added to the TECH REPORTS [28/Nov/2012]

After getting into the swing of 6th Edition I'm taking the plunge into page 112 of the rulebook: Allies. And thoughts turned to old favourites.

Dark Angels retro decal sheet

Added to the LIBRARIUM [23/Nov/2012]

These are styled on those used by GW on their transfer sheet of 1989 and would look cool on older marks of power armour and vehicles for a thoroughly retro look.

The Dark Fortress. Chronicle I

Added [22/Nov/2012]

Updates have been thin on the ground this November due to busy real life projects.

But things in the pipeline include:

  • A look at GK as allies, plus army lists
  • An examination of the best anti-tank weapon for Terminators
  • Three new Oratorium gallery items

All this and keeping a watchful eye on the ongoing new DA Codex rumours.

The Dark Vengeance army list. The next 650 points

Added to the TECH REPORTS [28/Oct/2012]

With so many Dark Vengeance boxes forming the basis of new DA armies, I was asked by someone to build a viable legal 1500 points list by only adding to what came in the box. I love a list-building challenge.

Deathwing strikeforce by Sir Tancrede

Added to the ORATORIUM [25/Oct/2012]

Deathwing dirtied and bloodied… as they should be. Containing classic metal Space Marine and Dark Angel models, this is a real blast of nostalgia for me.

Doom Legion by Scythas

Added to the ORATORIUM [16/Oct/2012]

These great models caught my eye because they're all about colour and character. Admittedly these aren't Dark Angels, let alone Unforgiven, the fact that they use (mostly) DA colours and just look so good is the reason for their inclusion.

Dark Vengeance Tactical squad painting tutorial by jimbo

Added to the TECH REPORTS [5/Oct/2012]

A great tutorial on painting the Tactical marines from the Dark Vengeance box. Not too complex with just four stages for the armour, it'll get your green marines looking respectable and up fighting on the tabletop in no time.

DW strikeforce by Master Chaplain Astador

Added to the ORATORIUM [26/Sept/2012]

The first twenty of a whole company of Deathwing to be produced by Master Chaplain Astador, these dirty and grimy battle veterans lead the way.

The Dark Fortress Facebook page

Added to the HQ [8/Sept/2012]

A Facebook page is now up and running. But why and what to do with it? I guess whatever you want!

The Ascension of Balthasar audio CD: a review by Captain Semper

Added to the TECH REPORTS [6/Sept/2012]

Hot on the heels of the Dark Vengeance 40K starter box, this audio drama tells the story of Company Master Balthasar, the Dark Angels' 5th Company Master, included in that set. Captain Semper unplugs his earphones to tell us all about it.

Updated: 25 years of Dark Angel Wargaming

Added to the TECH REPORTS [4/Sept/2012]

Additions made in the light of the Dark Vengeance starter box Dark Angel roster sheets.

Updated: The Book of Names

Added to the LIBRARIUM [3/Sept/2012]

Pages A, B and S of the Book of Names have been updated following the new named characters present in the Dark Vengeance box.

The Dark Vengeance army list

Added to the TECH REPORTS [26/8/2012]

Now we know the contents of the Dark Vengeance 6th edition starter box, let's put it into an army list to see how it holds together.

Poll: The Dark Vengeange starter box purchase survey

Added to the TECH REPORTS [25/8/2012]

The 6th Edition 'Dark Vengeance' starter box went on pre-order today. How many are you going to purhcase I wonder? Fill in the poll and tell us all.

Dark Angels Land Raider by Bevulf

Added to the ORATORIUM [20/8/2012]

Due to their widespread use as transports for terminators it has become customary to see these vehicles in bone white. But assuming that Dark Angel Land Raiders and Crusaders look best only when in Deathwing livery? Think again.

Updated: 25 years of Dark Angels wargaming

Added to the TECH REPORTS [30/7/2012]

Additions made in the light of the recent Official 6th Edition Upgrade V1.0 FAQ.

The Dark Fortress wishes everyone a happy and successful 2012 Olympics. And without being too partisan — Go Team GB!!

Deathwing Land Raider Crusader by Elmo9141

Added to the ORATORIUM [19/7/2012]

This vehicle is part of a larger series of painted models produced by Elmo for a competition on the Bolter & Chainsword. It's always good to see a well produced model like this appear out of the blue.

6th Edition 40K, Dark Angels and Allies

Added to the TECH REPORTS [7/7/2012]

Time to digest the implications of 6th addition 40K, first in terms of allies, upon the Dark Angels. Of all the changes wrought by 6th Edition (how they impact on the Unforgiven will be examined in more detail in subsequent articles), the use of allies has for me been the most dramatic.

July's White Dwarf spine and rulebook cover detail

Added to the TECH REPORTS [25/6/2012]

Really only of academic interest now that we have seen the full image previewed in leaks from July's White Dwarf… but even so this guy is shaping up nicely. More exciting is a detail from the rulebook's front cover.

Solved: Mystery of White Dwarfs' spine

Added to the TECH REPORTS [21/6/2012]

With leaks from July's White Dwarf due to understandable interest in the 6th Edition details it contains, a by-product is the disclosure of the complete WD spine image. Also on display are the DAs on the cover of the rulebook.

Lion El'Jonson by Sherbertking

Added to the ORATORIUM [2/6/2012]

It's not everyday you get to see a Primarch painted — let alone a complete set! Yet this is project undertaken (and completed) by Sherbertking. Here is his DA Primarch.

The Dark Fortress wishes Her Majesty the Queen a very happy Diamond Jubilee

June's White Dwarf spine

Added to the TECH REPORTS [28/5/2012]

So we now have a face. This is becoming frustrating and good fun in equal measure: the 'guess who this is game'.

Updated: 5th Edition 'Codex Fever': rumours, leaks and downright lies!

Added to the TECH REPORTS [23/5/2012]

Yes this is possible inclusion of Belial as the HQ in the 6th Edition starter box.

May's White Dwarf spine

Added to the TECH REPORTS [21/5/2012]

Nothing much by the way of new DA rumours so far this month, a fact that is slightly disquieting … or is it?. What does it all mean? GW stop toying with us.

Privacy and cookie policy updated

Added to the HQ [18/5/2012]

The Dark Fortress has updated its existing Privacy statement (now renamed 'Privacy and Cookie policy' to include more details on the cookies this site uses and who sets them, plus details of third party cookies and how to control cookies. This is all in line with planned site revisions designed to make us as compliant as we can to the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive ('Cookie Law') that becomes mandatory on 26th May 2012.

Privacy and cookie update notice

Added to the HQ [7/5/2012]

How The Dark Fortress intends to comply with the EU Privacy and Electronic Communications Directive ('Cookie Law') that becomes mandatory on 26th May 2012.

5th Edition 'Codex Fever': rumours, leaks and downright lies!

Added to the TECH REPORTS [24/4/2012]

An ungoing mash-up of the Good, the Bad and the Ugly DA rumours that are circulating. Updated regularly.

New DA Codex in May/June!

Added to the TECH REPORTS [10/4/2012]

Well so say the latest batch of unsubstantiated rumours anyway… so maybe don't get too excited about it yet. But still…

Happy Easter to those who celebrate it, from The Dark Fortress.

White Dwarf spine, 6th Edition models and latest DA Codex rumours

Added to the TECH REPORTS [7/4/2012]

A few snippets of interest regarding the Dark Angels have emerged over the last few days so they're all merged into this update.

Company Masters Banners

Added to the LIBRARIUM [6/4/2012]

Banners for Company Masters of the Dark Angels available to download.

Ravenwing biker by Michael

Added to the ORATORIUM [4/4/2012]

Bringing a new slant to the visual manifestation of 40K subjects, Michael turns his hand (and eye) to the Ravenwing. And what we get is a refreshingly 'between missions' view of one of our second Company.

Deathwing Mortis Contemptor Dreadnought by Dezartfox

Added to the ORATORIUM [27/3/2012]

Contemptors are unique in that unlike other 40K models they don't have a lot of surface detail for their size which means they can look quite plain. But Dezartfox has just the style for this model.

6th Edition DA models?

Added to the TECH REPORTS [25/3/2012]

The new starter paint set released this week by Games Workshop features Dark Angels on the front. Is this the first sight of the 6th Edition starter set DA push-fit models?

DA pre-heresy decal sheet — now in black

Added to the LIBRARIUM [23/3/2012]

As requested by a visitor to this site, the DA pre-heresy Legion symbols have now been produced in black. They are available as a pdf dowmload.

The Purging of Kadillus: A review

Added to the TECH REPORTS [19/3/2012]

It's taken a time to get around to it and it may no longer be relevent. But here's my thoughts on this Space Marine Battles book by Gav Thorpe.

The ultimate DA build?

Added to the TECH REPORTS [16/3/2012]

Anyone heavily involved with the serious business of 40K gaming will get to see a lot of army lists and a lot of talk as to what works best and why. It's quite interesting to see certain builds coming to light and working well competitively.

Belial by Michael

Added to the ORATORIUM [9/3/2012]

Now, he must be tactically capable if he's considered good enough by Azrael to lead the First company. But visually what does he look like? Well here's one answer. Games Workshop please take note, make us a model something like the Belial depicted in this illustration and we'll all be very happy.

Updated: The Book of Names

Added to the LIBRARIUM [4/3/2012]

Several pages from the Book of Names have been added to, giving you more names to choose from when naming your Unforgiven characters and vehicles etc. New names entered to pages A, C, D, H, K, L, M, N, O, P, R, S, T, U, V, and Z.


The end of Google Friend Connect

Added to the HQ [27/2/2012]

January 2011 the Google Friend Connect panel (seen at bottom of the right-hand navigation column) was added to this site. And approximtaely 13 months later Google are turning it off!

Cypher by Rezial

Added to the ORATORIUM [20/2/2012]

Out of the swirling mists of the battlefield a shadowy figure materialises. He wields two pistols with a marksman's finesse and carries a large sword on his back. The Unforgiven hunt him, the Fallen follow him, and collectors love to paint the characterful model.

DA 3rd Company strikeforce by Stobz

Added to the ORATORIUM [14/2/2012]

You might have seen stobz's cool Belial conversion and his painted Deathwing squad elsewhere on this site. This power-armoured 3rd Company mechanised strikeforce supported by Dreadnoughts and Whirlwinds builds on that same level of excellence.

6th Edition box set and DA Codex rumours…

Added to the TECH REPORTS [11/2/2012]

Interesting development on GW's website. Someone was fooling around with urls in GWs site and came across a new page entitled 'Dark Angels'. This new page is in the style and format of the introduction pages to the Blood Anglels and Space Wolves (and many others).

Cypher and Fallen by Broken Paintbrush

Added to the ORATORIUM [2/2/2012]

With no current game rules to use it's unusual to see Cypher, let alone an accompanying warband, being fielded and an army. Nevertheless they remain intriguing subjects for painters.

5th Edition DA Codex rumours…

Added to the TECH REPORTS [30/1/2012]

There have been many rumours floating about for the last year concerning the possible/maybe release date for the 5th Edition Dark Angels codex. I'm not too hot on peddling rumours around, but things seem to be galvanising.

Black Reach Dark Angels by Mars

Added to the ORATORIUM [29/1/2012]

Company Master Remiel brought to life from a Black Reach Captain with supporting Deathwing squad Leonis. Who said snap-together models wouldn't cut it?

Updated: DA Advantages and Divergences

Added to the TECH REPORTS [25/1/2012]

Changes made in the light of the recent Official Upgrade V1.2 FAQ.

Updated: 20+ years of Dark Angels wargaming

Added to the TECH REPORTS [24/1/2012]

Additions made in the light of the recent Official Upgrade V1.2 FAQ.

DA 2012 FAQ review

Added to the TECH REPORTS [20/1/2012]

In a low key launch from GW reminiscent to that of January 2011, a raft of Official Updates were recently released for most 40K codeces and the main rule book too. The Dark Angels', now at v1.2, was part of that release. So what's in it for us?

Sell your Ravenwing? DA 2012 FAQ

Added to the TECH REPORTS [16/1/2012]

So the hot and unexpected news this January is that pretty much every 40K Codex got some kind of an official rules update, as did the core rule book. But all I'm going to concern myself with here is the possible gnashing of teeth from just about everyone with a full Ravenwing Attack Squadron.

Atlas Infernal: A review

Added to the TECH REPORTS [7/1/2012]

Welcome to the insane world of High Inquisitor Czevak. I've not read much 40K Black Library material recently other then the Horus Heresy books, so I was a bit skeptical when first starting this (a Christmas 2011 gift) as my 40K reading palate had become a bit jaded. But Atlas Infernal proved a real tonic.