The Dark Fortress

New DA Codex in May/June!

10 April 2012 | 5th Edition

DA Chaplain with jump pack.
A greater role for Chaplains in the new Codex.
Model by Stobz.

Well so say the latest batch of unsubstantiated rumours anyway… so maybe don't get too excited about it yet. But still…

Looks like GW are going with the obvious 'DA formula' type of stuff' (see plasma sponson and jetbike rumours in prevous roundup here).

Buckle up…

This would seem to include the use of more Chaplains as well as the inclusion of new Ravenwing items. More specifically Wolfguard-style Chaplains are not far off the mark and there is a new speeder variant, and an Elite RW unit. Psychic powers are boosted by a shield power possibly similar to the Mindshackle Scarabs' function in the Necrons book. This forces units targeting the Librariain (presumably in close combat) to hit an allied unit instead.

And, back in the room

From the above I guess we could assume the new Ravenwing W Elite unit is mounted on jetbikes? The new speeders variant — Land Speeder Storm (unlikely as it's a Scout transport) or something completely new? Knowing GW's thinking, plasma-weaponed? It isn't too far fetched. The Wolfguard-style Chapies — presumably bought as either HQ or Elite choices and then attached to other units as upgrade characters?

Sounds intriguing. And no mention of the Ares Land Raider variant in this particular rumour set either.

More later as things start to coalesce.


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