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Poll: Unforgiven army builds in 8th Edition

8 March 2020 | 8th Edition

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This poll is intended as a quick snapshot of how Unforgiven gamers are building their armies using the 8th Edition Codex Dark Angels.

Coming back into 40K after a complete miss of the 7th Edition game, attempting to come to grips with what constitutes a 'good' DA force (even if such a thing exists with our current 2nd-tier Codex) is mighty baffling. There are so many new units in the game now: Primaris, Lieutenants, Intecessors, Ancients, Agressors, Reivers etc etc; not to mention new Dreadnought, tank, armour, and weapon types. It seems that maybe never has there been a better time to play Greenwing. But am I right?

Time for a new snapshot

Looking back through the archives here the last army build poll was in 6th Edition when things were very different. So a new poll might serve to better equip me with info as to the current state of play with the Unforgiven.

There are three questions, each with multiple choice answers. Let's go through each one and see how they work.

Question 1: How do you build your Unforgiven force?

Although not really being sure what questions to ask — it seems sensible to opt for the tried and tested Deathwing / Ravenwing / Greenwing / Multiwing flavour approach of previous polls. Anything more granular than that seems just overwhelmingly too detailed. Fully suspecting Multiwing will win out and Deathwing will be a fail.

Due to the choice of army flavours that are available the DA there seems like a multitude of choices here. But this has been narrowed down to 7 distinct choices with a catch-all 'Other' for something not covered. Additionally, adding to the knowledge bank is a question relating to the use of allies. Please carefully read down through the options before answering.

How do I work out which choice I should vote for?

Luckily, we now have various keywords within the Codex to help us out, here principally 'Ravenwing' and 'Deathwing' will be key; 'Greenwing' is any Dark Angels unit that isn't either of those two. In a break to previous polls, and to reflect the multi-Detachment approach to army-building in 8th Edition, we discount Battlefield Role as being a determining factor too. Lastly, only Battle-forged armies are under review here. Summaried as:

  • All options use Faction Keywords and/or Keywords to define type.
  • 'Greenwing' is anything not 'Ravenwing' or 'Deathwing' so Company Veterans, Dreadnoughts and Scouts for instance.
  • Battle-forged armies only.
  • Ignore point values.
  • Ignore Battlefield Role positioning.
  • Ignore Dedicated Transports.
  • 'Characters' are either counted or not depending on army flavour. See more below.

From the examples below you should be able to work out your go-to best build flavour.

So as an example, what constitutes Pure Ravenwing for instance? That would be where all of your army's units have the faction keyword 'Ravenwing'. Similarly with Pure Deathwing having only faction keyword 'Deathwing'.

DW and RW only you have only faction keyword 'Ravenwing' and 'Deathwing' units in your army.

What's Pure Greenwing? That is a force where, apart from 'Characters', there are no faction keyword 'Ravenwing' or 'Deathwing' units present all.

And Greenwing with Deathwing support is where the majority of your army's units are 'Greenwing'. 'Deathwing units can be present — just not in the majority. You will have no faction keyword 'Ravenwing' units though.

last example, Multiwing? You have 'Greenwing' units with faction keyword 'Deathwing' AND 'Ravenwing' units too, in any mix of majority.

But I use allies, what do I do?

If you use allies with your Matched Play army you can still use the majority rule from above for determining your Unforgiven build.

And on taking allied detachments…

Question 2: Do you take allies with your matched play army?

Simple enough. Only interested in the more structured match play armies here. If you take more than one allied detachment simply pick the largest. There is an 'other' option here for anything that mght have been missed.

  • Matched play armies only. Answer 'No' for any other build.
  • Pick the faction detachment with the most units if multiple allied factions are taken.

Question 3: What size army do you generally use?

Three choices plus an 'Other' option for anything larger or smaller than the choices offered. Note that too small or too large points values will not validate.

  • In the 'Other' option, enter a points value as a number only or the answer will not validate. So for instance, 750 or 3500 etc.

Voting and privacy

Survey is compiled and run through They will collect and hold the results. They will also set a cookie to stop multiple voting from the same person. The Dark Fortress will not hold any data, but will collate the results into charts once the survey is over.

Thanks for participating.

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