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5th Edition DA Codex rumours…

30 January 2012 | 5th Edition

There have been many rumours floating about for the last year concerning the possible/maybe release date for the 5th Edition Dark Angels codex. I'm not too hot on peddling rumours around, but things seem to be galvanising.

Even so these are just some idle speculation so apply pinch of salt to taste.

I'm sure many have already seen the spines of the collected White Dwarfs from 2012. Put together they do seem to be forming an image of a green power armoured space marine in some kind of robe. Speculation is that it might be Cypher — I thnk we need one more spine image before that can be confirmed. Nevertheless it would seem to be a Dark Angel.

DA White Dwarf Spines

Other speculation centres around the 25th Annniversary of 40K that falls this spring, and whether this might or might not tie in with a codex or a specific celebratory model for the First Legion. The codex seems more likely.

As far as release schedules go for 2012, the DA have now moved up the list somewhat:

April-May: Dark Angels/Fallen;
June-Aug: 6th Edition;
Oct-Nov: Chaos Space Marines.

It would seem from the above that the DA have swapped places with a Spring release with the Tau and Black Templars. If true then a new DA book would probably be the last to come out during 5th Edition — that is assuming GW don't try to shoehorn in another release via White Dwarf or a proper book, for the Templars. Bear in mind that our current 4th Codex was the last prior to the 5th Edition, I just hope they get things right first time around this time.

The real interest in all this is the resurfacing of the rumour first heard last year that the Dark Angels and Chaos Space Marines will be in the 6th Edition's starter box, due out late June or very early in July (to catch the school summer holiday market).

And during the 25th Anniversary year of 40K what better way of marking it than a two power-armoured starter set? But does that really hang together? What of other races? Further chatter is around 'Chaos' and not just Chaos Space Marines being in the starter set. That could mean the adition of Renegade Guard forces, daemons etc. What better force to be led by Cypher?

More to follow as things coalesce.


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