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6th Edition box set and DA Codex rumours…

11 February 2012 | 5th Edition

Interesting development on GW's website.

Someone was fooling around with urls in GWs site and came across a new page entitled 'Dark Angels'. This new page is in the style and format of the introduction pages to the Blood Anglels and Space Wolves (and many others).

Link to the page

Why is this significant? Well currently the DA don't have their own intro page as they are categorised under generic Space Marines. Note the link to VIEW ENTIRE ARMY PRODUCT LIST goes to another placeholder page with listed items but no product details. Interesting? Maybe. A general ramping up of the Dark Angels in online marketing possibly before an important release? Either way I'm sure some poor web developer will need to do some explaining to as to why he didn't hide the page properly via htaccess.

While from another source:

Seems Black Templars will not be the next codex. It will be Dark Angels, just got told yesterday by few people.

Box game (6th Edition) — expect it to be Dark Angels vs Chaos. Apart from what's already on the forums, there are other reasons why I know this is right (not as yet specified). Not sure what to expect (content-wise). From what I've been told, the DA Codex will be released with the box game this year, with Chaos Marines after this.

Kind of makes sense. Why use an Imperial Space Marines Chapter with a sub-par Codex and a fairly limited model range as the 6th Edition poster boys? How will that entice people into the game?

Gotta protect my source so not much more to go on I'm afraid. But still, interesting eh?

More to follow as things coalesce.


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