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13 December 2010 | 5th Edition

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Over on the Bolter & Chainsword forum a project has been chugging away over the last couple of months with the aim of developing our 4th Edition Codex Dark Angels into some kind of meaningful 'togetherness' with 5th Edition 40K and more specifically the 5th Edition Codex Space Marines and more recent Blood Angels and Space Wolves Codexes.

It's a great idea. A community gets together and tries to put back together the broken object of their affection again. Agreed that it holds no 'official' weight but no matter the effort is being made and hopefully decision-makers (should I say Codex writers) might be taking notes.

Actually there are two ongoing projects:

Project Redemption

This is focused on bringing parity in terms of same-name wargear items and rules with those of the current Codex SM where it is felt to be required. This is in itself a very worthy undertaking and unlocks key issues like should the DA be able to take Storm Ravens, or Ironclad Dreads, or a Master of the Forge etc etc. Ongoing discussion can be found here Project: Redemption.

Project Unforgiven

This is altogether more exciting and sets out to create a Codex that we want — but under the strict provision that all new rules and characters must fit within prescribed a set Unforgiven 'themes' decided upon by the participating members these then set the tone of the development and are of course critical in defining who the DA are. As one can guess consensus is tricky.Currently the themes are still under discussion Phase 2 Themes and Design Concepts

Once these themes are in place, then units and characters etc are then opened up for further design debate.

Both projects are under the wing of respected DA Moderator Gillyfish, he has a small team of reviewers to help the in the collating and the in solidifying of ideas that over the course of the project will eventually coalesce into a final Codex output.

All ideas (within the remit of each projects' framework) are open for discussion.

Sooo if you are a DA fan and want to get involved… the register yourself with the B&C if you aren't already and get stuck in. Be a part of the Big Idea.


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