The Dark Fortress

The Space Marines Tech Cult

23 June 2005 | 4th Edition

These special rules allow a Space Marines army to be lead by a Master of the Forge.

Every Space Marine Chapter has an Armoury, presided over by The Master of the Forge, a dedicated apostle of the Cult of Mars. The Armoury provides a Chapters' Techmarines and is tasked with the maintenance of all the Chapters armoured vehicles and weaponry, invoking millennia-old mechanical practices as well as the ritual blessings and dedications to keep the Machine Spirits functioning.

But the Armoury also has a dark side. It is on a constant vigil to recover lost data and of the analysis and evaluation of alien technologies — the later sometimes causing mistrust and suspicion within a Chapter and often coming to the attention the Inquisition too.

The Master of the Forge will not hesitate to go to war when they're are technological prizes at stake, be it recovering a destroyed Dreadnought from mutilation or the capture of previously unseen warp drives or bio-weaponry. His exalted rank within a Chapter enables the Master of the Forge to call upon the Techmarines, battle brothers and any other resources he requires to accompany him on a technological crusade and with them will come huge amounts of vehicles and weapons to crush all who dare to try and come between him and his objective.

Note: these rules were written during the 4th Edition.

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