The Dark Fortress

Design the 'Rock'

15 March 2020 | 8th Edition

Yes really: your chance to design what's left of our home planet.

Some while back on The Bolter and Chainsword someone posted a sketch of his thoughts on the design of the Rock (shown below). Finding it again recently got me thinking about what more could be done to bring this enigmatic item of our backstory to life.

So the idea for this collaborative topic came to life.

What you need to do

Very simple: email me up to three images with up to around 600 words of supporting text and I'll post them here on The Dark Fortress. The images can be rough drawings, annotated sketches, 3-D visualisations, photographs of a models or printed 3-D prototypes or whatever else it takes to get your thoughts into a visual format. What form the ideas take is less relevant to the creative ideas behind them.

Similarly, the supporting text can be as brief or as detailed as you'd like to better convey your vision of the Rock, provided it doesn't exceed the word count.

There is no closing date — so keep the ideas coming. You never know, Games Workshop or Forge World might be passing, see something they like and make a massive model of it for us. Wouldn't that be cool?

How it works

There will be some sensible entry criteria: any references to pornographic, racist or political content will not be shown, and of course the items submitted must be your own or if not then you must have the permission of the originator to submit them.

Email any entries to The Rock, together with your name (screen or real).

You're all winners

Unfortunately The Dark Fortress can't run to giving away prizes. So the prize is to get your work shown here. And as everyone's entry will appear then you will all winners.

So, I'm looking forwards to seeing your designs.

The Rock schematic


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