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Vigilant army analysis system by Brother_Luther

12 June 2009 | 5th Edition

Knowing the relative strengths and weakness of any part of your army or potential army list can be a great help of course.

Spanish gamer Brother_Luther has put a great deal of time, effort and hard-thinking into his unique mathematical analysis system.

Vigilant is a very neat tool that has been very well thought out as a means for producing a good self-assessment on list-building options. It has great potential to see where the strengths/weaknesses of your own army lies.

However my one major concern though is that in order to see how good (or bad) your own army is, you really need to be able to compare it to the one(s) you might be facing too. Now in a club or within a very small player group, you can all do your own armies and pretty much know what all the other scores are, but in a tournament setting against unfamiliar armies, it could be nigh impossible to perform the same detailed assessment on it (unless of course you go complete with a laptop).

I can only guess that with greater familiarity with the system one could have a stab at a very rough-and-ready enemy assessment on the spot, which would at least enable you to know particular enemy strengths/weaknesses in a very broad sense.

That's the point. This tool is more useful when you can compare directly two values calculated of two armies, and this is an advantage when creating your army list. But like you said, in tournaments or during a battle this is very difficult to do. However, I think that a player that is familiar with the system, knowing only his army values, could establish faster assessments much more accurate than other without it. I mean, although his judgment will not be perfect, could be helpfull.

Vigilant is also quite a complex system, with a lot of values that must be carefully and accurately put 'into the system' as it were, to get your overall performance factor out. However, with time and patience it's worth persevering with, and, when comparing two or more potential army builds that you might be considering then the results will be invaluable.

The Vigilant System Version 1.0 is available for download as three Word documents.

Vigilant System Part 1: Introduction, Mobility, Toughness and Numbers.

Vigilant System Part 2: Firepower.

Vigilant System Part 3: Close Combat Power and Morale.

No doubt this will be developed more as time goes on, so updates will be posted as they become available.


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