The Dark Fortress

Mini Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus

2 April 2014 | 6th Edition

An Adeptus Mechanicus Tech Priest
"Umm, Lord Azrael, the Magos says we owe him for two Titans lost on the last mission!"
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The Cult of the Machine God is a Codex written by Tim Huckleberry at Games Workshop for those who love all things Cult Mechanicus.

This army list represents an Adeptus Mechanicus Questing or Exploratory army, not a full-blown army such as would be fielded along the lines of their Epic 40K list. As such, it is a much lighter force than the full might of the Adeptus Mechanicus would normally use in combat, but is more suited to the Exploratory nature of the force.

Here the Tech-Priests are in search of lost relics from the Dark Age of Technology, such as Standard Template Construct (STC) systems. In these missions they often encounter hostile forces (usually determined not to give up such items!), and thus they are accompanied by their own combat forces. They sometimes also accompany other forces of the Imperium when it suits their own inscrutable purposes. The Cult Mechanicus guards its secrets carefully, and none but the dreaded Inquisition dare question them.

These rules are experimental, written by Tim Huckleberry at Games Workshop. Permission has been granted for their free distribution providing nothing is changed and his name and email address is on them.

Sadly they have not been revised by the original author since 2005, which is a shame. I'm hoping that one day Games Workshop will see theh light and release a proper Codex: Adeptus Mechanicus either digitally (as Codex: Inquisition) or as a dataslate update. I think there would be a great hunger for fielding units of battle-crazed Skitarii or machine constructs of the Legio Cybernetica as Allies within an Imperial army, especially as Forge World have a range of useful off the shelf models already, it would also leand great scope for converters and scratchbuilders too.

We can live in hope.

Version 01-01-05:

Available as a Word document.

Get the rules version 01-01-05

Version 10-01-03:

Available as a pdf file, 650K in size.

Get the rules version 10-01-03


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